How to Support Athletics

The ACS Athens Athletic Program is very active throughout the year! There are many ways for anyone in our community to help our events and projects. All one has to do is visit our website or our offices to find out what there is to do and help us out!

Who are the Booster Parents?

The Booster Parents are parents of the ACS community who support the athletic program and all its events thoughout the year. Historically, the Booster Parents have been parents of the ACS Athens athletes although at times, community members in general (for example, parents whose children are in the Elementary school) have supported our programs in different aspects.

Assistance is needed and welcomed in many facets of event organization: concessions, spirit sales, halloween carnival, bake sales, housing incoming guests, running a raffle sale, neswletter and more.... The Booster Parents are instrumental in a large part of the athletic program, particularly in tournament and event organization as well as fundraising. When running local and international events the community support is needed in terms of running concessions as well as HOUSING incoming athletes (for international events). Without the active support of our parents, the quality of our athletic events will certainly be in jeopardy!

Every year, at the beginning of the fall season, a parent meeting takes place providing information for our athletic department and new parents join us. Furthermore, at the beginning of each season, a welcoming letter is sent home to each athlete's family with information on our programs.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the athletic department or come by to meet with us.

Projects / Donations

The Athletic Departments runs a number of events / projects during the year and any support is greatly appreciated. You can check periodically on the website to see how you can assist in a productive way and meaninful way!