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Learning Differences Conference 2013

After School Programs Quick Guide

ACS Athens offers a wide variety of programs that take place after the "typical class day" is over.   These programs are led by faculty or field specialists and are organized by our departments / schools addressing all age groups (even adults) to:

  • Educate and advance special interests of the participants
  • Socialize and entertain
  • Cultivate innovation, creativity and a collaborative spirit
  • Lead an active and healthier life; enjoy school life and have fun
  • Share best practices
  • Meet the needs of children who learn differently
  • Promote cultural exchanges; organize visits to colleges, campuses, museums - in Greece and abroad, and

... much more ...

After School Activities are planned and offered in every semester (and during the summer) and are made known via our usual communication channels.

Please note that a timely registration is required to reserve a seat for most of these programs...