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ACS welcomes you and your family in Athens

ACS AthensThe best way to learn about our school is to visit us. We are always happy to welcome you and your family and discuss the excellent educational prospects we may offer, that will prepare our students for the finest international higher education. You will have the chance to tour our facilities, meet our administrators and our faculty and get sincere answers to all your concerns.

Although visiting us is not always possible since our students come from all over the world, we encourage families who plan to move to Athens to visit our school at least once. During your visit you will take a first hand look at our campus which provides an excellent setting for your children's education.



Student Visitor Program

The Student Visitor program allows prospective students to visit our school (Grades JK-12) to experience class activity and school culture for 1-2 days, guided by student peer, depending always on availability, without any obligation.

This program offers the visitor student an inside view of our daily school life, that can help them and their family decide whether we are a good fit for their educational and social needs.   Students / families must first contact the Enrollment Management Office in order to arrange such visits throughout the year.

To arrange for a tour of our facilities, please contact us at +30 210 639.3200 x263 / 251 or email us at