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General Meetings


We meet in the Conference Center, located in the Administrative Building, at the below mentioned dates at 10am.
These General Meetings are preceded by the Elementary Principal's Coffee and followed by the Middle School and Academy Principal's Coffee.

We welcome you as parents and urge you to actively participate and join us in the great community of ACS Athens.

Minutes from our general meetings:


September 18, 2018

Date: Tuesday, September 18th
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Large Conference Room

The meeting began with the new President of the PTO Board welcoming all the parents of ACS Athens Community. Mrs. Dana Barrage explained the purpose of the PTO as well as the importance of all parents being active members of this organization. Then the rest of the Board presented themselves to the rest of the parents. A brief break followed with parents having the chance to complete volunteer sheets for the upcoming BBQ Event which is taking place this Friday 21 st at 19.00 in our school premises and mingle with the rest of the parents. After the short break Dr. Peggy Pelonis -Dean of Academic and Student Affairs- as well as Mrs. Mary Ann Augoustatos -Director of Academics Jk-12 Research and Learning Studios- kindly attended the meeting by sharing important information regarding school resources and facilities such as the Learning Commons (Research, Specialized Studios (Math/Writing/Media) as well as the Incubator. (You can find all this useful information in ACS Athens website under Academic/Departments/Learning Commons). Furthermore, the new Academy School Counselors introduced themselves to the parents Ms. Ina Hatziagelides & Ms. Helen Seretis as well as Ms. Anna Makris the Counselor Coordinator K-12 had a brief discussion with parents regarding mostly Senior student matters such as their time table program. Next, Mrs. Marisa Vogia made an announcement for the Senior Brunch Committee a brunch that is taking place for the Senior Students only the day before their Graduation. Mrs.Vogia expressed that any parent wishing to participate in the committee should feel free to contact her.

After the conclusion of the meeting the Middle School and Academy Principal's Coffee followed. The Elementary Principal’s coffee took place before the PTO General Meeting.

You asked- We respond!

  • A cafeteria committee will be formed for Middle School & Academy! If you would like to join please contact Mrs. Eleni Mastrogamvraki.
  • If you would like to join the PTO please to do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Dana Barrage our President.
  • If you would like to Volunteer in any event please to do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Pasant Hamdallah our Volunteer Coordinator.
  • For any matter concerning Elementary, Middle School or Academy Students you can contact our Representatives.

We would like to thank you all and we welcome you as parents and urge you to actively participate and join us in the great community of ACS Athens.


May 8, 2018

The meeting began with a presentation and discussion with Ms. Moros, the Elementary school Principal. Ms. Moros spoke about the manner in which the Elementary school was planning on expanding the facilities in which students can use laptops. There was a discussion about the measures that may need to be altered or increased regarding technological gadgets of any sort on campus in the Elementary School. We also spoke about stricter security measures for any people entering the campus and one idea was to allow teachers to potentially accompany students to their respective after-school activities. Some parents felt that would be helpful and it would reduce the number of parents entering campus at pick-up time. There was also a discussion about providing a designated place where students can stay if their parents or guardians are late. Next, the President of the PTO, Manya Louvari gave a speech about the very hard work and accomplishments of the PTO this year and thanked everyone involved. At that time we concluded with a vote on the positions for next year's PTO Board.

March 13, 2018

The meeting began with a welcome by the Financial Director, Mr. Kakaris who presented the school budget and congratulated the President of the PTO on the accomplishment of the new Elementary School playground. Ms.Tokatlidou was then able to present more about the Youth to Youth Program and how it has enormously benefited the refugee children as well as inspiring, teaching and motivating our ACS students. Next Mr. Pelonis and Ms. Constantinidies presented the Color of Peace Event, an event dedicated to promoting peace through sport, while honoring those who have lost their home because of war. Fundraising was accomplished by selling "stress balls" and proceeds were used to support the Youth to Youth Program. Dr GIalamas ended the meeting by speaking about how close to his heart the Youth to Youth Program is and how it is a program that inspires hope in out students as well as the hosted children.


January 2018

PTO Minutes - January 16,2018

Our first meeting of the new year was dedicated to technology issues and how ES parents can help kids to navigate today’s technology in safe and responsible ways. Ms. Manya Louvari introduced Ms. Helen Sarantes( ES Technology teacher) and explained that unfortunately Dr. Averginou (Director- Educational Technologyand e-Learning) would not be able to present due to illness. Before Ms. Sarante's presentation, Mr. John Papadakis( Director of Enrollment Management, Technology &Communications) gave an introductory speech. Ms. Sarantes introduced a very useful, hands on tool by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the "Family Media Use Plan", which helps parents set boundaries for their kids and ensures a healthy balance between "digital and real life". Flyers were passed out with useful information and an interesting discussion with parents followed.

Next, a discussion about job orientation ensued where it was emphasized that students in the Academy are welcome to reach out to Mr. Pelonis the Counselor for more assistance if needed.

Ms. Manya Louvari thanked Ms. Sarantes for the insightful presentation and went on to present PTO upcoming events and answer parent questions. Certain parents expressed that there were not enough field trips being organized for the school. One parent expressed that even if there were "qualitative" trips as opposed to many and if that could be arranged that it would be beneficial to the students.

The new Elementary School playground was something that some parents inquired about and it was announced by Manya Louvari, the PTO Chairperson, that it was well underway. More to be announced as soon as possible. The Salvation Army Drive is again in place and we are always looking for donations of useful items such as: shampoo, conditioner, baby wipes, diapers, etc. There are always bins in front of the Transportation Office for those who wish to donate.

The next organized community event is a trip for parents and students to see the Van Gogh exhibition at the Megaro Moussikis. This event will be followed by another where Chef Alexandros Papandreou will delight us with some new sugar-free recipes. All these events will be announced by e-mail.

Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching and we will be contacting all parents in search of volunteers who will bring food for our wonderful teachers and staff. We ended with a quick word from Dr. Gialamas who will be organizing a talk at our next meeting about the dangers of cell phone use in underage children. This will include talks by visiting doctors as well. The date will be announced.

As traditionally always done at ACS, we ceremoniously cut the year's "Vasilopita" ( New Year;s Cake), with Dr. Sabagh and Dr. Gialamas and Ms. Nathalie Wolters ( ES mother) was the recipient of the lucky coin!

Happy New Year and best wishes on behalf of the ACS PTO!


November 2017

ACS PTO General Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2017
Administration Building Conference Room (PTO 10:00 am)

The general meeting began with a presentation by Ms. Augustatos, Director Academics JK-12 and Learning Studios who had been invited by the PTO to present. There was an overview of all the services provided by ACS for the children outside of their studies which include: the two Libraries, Math Studio, the Reading and Writing Studio, the Media Studio, Research programs, Map testing, and the Learning Enhancement Program. All these are offered to help all our students and now we have the new student-led Incubator Project. This is a project that is new but has tremendous potential and has allowed students to be creative, resourceful and driven to achieve their goals. A presentation followed by George Dougalis one of the core members of the Incubator Project Committee.

Security issues on campus were addressed and certain parents raised concerns about the manner in which visitors enter and leave campus as well as the level of security along the borders of school and how those might be better protected. There was a brief discussion about how in other schools security issues are handled and if some of these might be introduced at ACS. The Chairperson of the PTO, Manya Louvari mentioned that she had already brought up these issues with the school representatives. Some of these were: fingerprints scanned upon entry, scanning bags and wearing our existing ACS name badges at all times when entering. Security on campus is being examined extra carefully at present and decisions have been made as to how it will be changed. The specifics are to be announced as soon as possible.

Manya Louvari the Chairperson for the PTO made the announcement that the plans to redo the Elementary Playground are proceeding and that the work is to begin over Christmas Holidays if the weather permits. This will allow for a more enjoyable and safer playground for the Elementary School students.

Ms. Louvari continued with a list of all the PTO upcoming events, which include the Turkey Bowl, the Christmas Bazaar, and the Cookie Exchange and she stressed the need for volunteers for all these events. Sign up sheets were available for all these events. Furthermore, she told everyone that in January the PTO would host a presentation about technology and how it affects our kids. More details will be announced as the date approaches.

The meeting concluded with the Vice-President of the MS Student Council, Marios Chilanis who talked about the partnership created between the MS and the Elderly Home Karellyo in Halandri and shared the students experience from the first visit to the Elderly Home. He gave a moving presentation about the love and time given to these elderly patients with Alzheimer’s by ACS Athens students. Certain issues such as how all groups should have basic information about Alzheimer’s and how to assess these visits were discussed.