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General Meetings


We meet in the Conference Center, located in the Administrative Building, at the below mentioned dates at 10am.
These General Meetings are preceded by the Elementary Principal's Coffee and followed by the Middle School and Academy Principal's Coffee.

We welcome you as parents and urge you to actively participate and join us in the great community of ACS Athens.


September 19th, November 14th, January 17th, March 13th and May 8th.

Minutes from our general meetings:


November 2017

ACS PTO General Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2017
Administration Building Conference Room (PTO 10:00 am)

The general meeting began with a presentation by Ms. Augustatos, Director Academics JK-12 and Learning Studios who had been invited by the PTO to present. There was an overview of all the services provided by ACS for the children outside of their studies which include: the two Libraries, Math Studio, the Reading and Writing Studio, the Media Studio, Research programs, Map testing, and the Learning Enhancement Program. All these are offered to help all our students and now we have the new student-led Incubator Project. This is a project that is new but has tremendous potential and has allowed students to be creative, resourceful and driven to achieve their goals. A presentation followed by George Dougalis one of the core members of the Incubator Project Committee.

Security issues on campus were addressed and certain parents raised concerns about the manner in which visitors enter and leave campus as well as the level of security along the borders of school and how those might be better protected. There was a brief discussion about how in other schools security issues are handled and if some of these might be introduced at ACS. The Chairperson of the PTO, Manya Louvari mentioned that she had already brought up these issues with the school representatives. Some of these were: fingerprints scanned upon entry, scanning bags and wearing our existing ACS name badges at all times when entering. Security on campus is being examined extra carefully at present and decisions have been made as to how it will be changed. The specifics are to be announced as soon as possible.

Manya Louvari the Chairperson for the PTO made the announcement that the plans to redo the Elementary Playground are proceeding and that the work is to begin over Christmas Holidays if the weather permits. This will allow for a more enjoyable and safer playground for the Elementary School students.

Ms. Louvari continued with a list of all the PTO upcoming events, which include the Turkey Bowl, the Christmas Bazaar, and the Cookie Exchange and she stressed the need for volunteers for all these events. Sign up sheets were available for all these events. Furthermore, she told everyone that in January the PTO would host a presentation about technology and how it affects our kids. More details will be announced as the date approaches.

The meeting concluded with the Vice-President of the MS Student Council, Marios Chilanis who talked about the partnership created between the MS and the Elderly Home Karellyo in Halandri and shared the students experience from the first visit to the Elderly Home. He gave a moving presentation about the love and time given to these elderly patients with Alzheimer’s by ACS Athens students. Certain issues such as how all groups should have basic information about Alzheimer’s and how to assess these visits were discussed.


September 2017

September 19,2017
9 :30 am - ACS Administration Building Conference Room
Meeting Minutes:

Introduction of the ACS PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Board 2017-2018

The Chairperson of the PTO, Manya Louvari, introduced herself and spoke for a few minutes about the fact that the PTO wishes to emphasize that ALL ACS parents are already members of the PTO and that everyone must feel both included and welcome. The function of the PTO is not only to fundraise but also to express the thoughts of the parents to the school effectively and to all work together for positive changes.

Ms. Louvari announced that the significant funds raised last year by the PTO would be given to the school for the Incubator Project.(ISCI) This is a new student-led initiative that will allow students to design and develop innovative projects they have in mind. This is promoting the creativity and capabilities of all our ACS students.

A show of hands indicated that a fairly evenly divided group representing all three schools attended the meeting: Elementary, Middle School and Academy.

Parent Comments/Statements/Responses:

  1. We would raise more money each year if we invited ideas about what to do with the money. For example, a voting process online would be beneficial.
  2. Please make school events more interesting to Academy students.
  3. Previous PTO’s have voted on how to use the money.
  4. Please encourage your older children to volunteer at school events in order to promote school spirit.
  5. Are "Home Room Moms" only for the Elementary School? Yes
  6. In regard to the BBQ, will there be Veggie burgers, salads or vegetable skewers? In the past these sold very little but yes, there will be veggie burgers.
  7. Despite the school being international, it seems that the cafeteria food is limited and "Greek-biased".
  8. In order for positive changes to be made, committees have to be set up and action organized and taken effectively by groups of parents. You must show up and make your wishes materialize.
  9. A parent offered to help other parents who need help with Moodle or Skyward. She will be glad to meet in the Library and help.
  10. Sometimes Skyward only works through a desktop.
  11. The manager of the ACS parent band expressed interest in finding a bass player and a singer for the group.

The meeting continued with a presentation by Dr. Peggy Pelonis, Dean of Student Affairs regarding the ACS House System. Dr. Pelonis explained that the House System was created when she and Mr. Steve Medeiros, Dean of Academic Affairs and the IIC, held workshops with the ACS faculty about the type of individuals ACS wanted to foster. The question that they asked faculty was, “ If you could morph a student’s character, what would you do?” This provoked a long list of words referring to excellent character traits and the House System is supposed to promote the types of values that will enable students to be the best sorts of individuals possible. With 63 nationalities at ACS today, the challenge is to teach students a common value system. To help them be the kinds of human beings ACS wants to build.

This will foster a sense of community while using healthy competition in order to gain points for each respective House. At the end of the year, each House Captain gives something to the school with actions that benefit ACS. There is a public rubric one may enter through Moodle in order to look at points. As a parent, you may send an e-mail to the website and indicate a positive thing your child did in order to get points. You may also do this with your child's Moodle. More detailed information regarding this is on the website.

There were a few brief words from Mr. Steve Medeiros, Dean of Academic Affairs and the IIC who expressed that any parent wishing to discuss Academic Programs with him should feel free to contact him to set up an appointment.

Last, Olga Logan, (PTO Social Events Coordinator) explained that some of the social events from last year included international cooking classes hosted in the homes of ACS parents, museum tours, First Aid Course etc. The new events for this year will be decided and advertised shortly.

The PTO Chairperson, Manya Louvari concluded by again extending a warm welcome to ALL parents to please join us at all meetings or come to ACS events when possible.


First General Meeting invitation


General Meeting - May 2016

Welcome / Important Dates and News

PTO Chair Pam Stamatiou welcomed all who were present, to the PTO General Meeting.

  • The PTO’s main upcoming event is the International Spring Fair (ISF).   Pam spoke about the ISF, describing it for those who are new to ACS Athens.  Then each board member spoke about their section of the ISF and explained to all present how they can get involved and help out. Sign-up sheets were pasted around to sign up for:
    • A spot in the Car Trunk Sale
    • A table in the international Food Court, or to send in just a dish representing your country
    • Becoming a Volunteer to help out on the day
  • Anissa spoke about the PTO school calendar which will once again feature art work by ACS Athens students.   The theme is Greece, the submission deadline is May 15th and we urge all students to participate!
  • Pam spoke about the PTO Dinner Dance, “Under the Stars”, which will take place on June 10th, at 20:30, at the Radisson Blu Hotel.  More info will follow soon and you can RSVP to Marissa or Faye.

Elementary School Report

(Presented by Anissa)

  • Student Led Conferences are coming up next week
  • MAP test scores will be made available to all ES parents.  Individual appointments about MAP can be made with Ginger

Middle School Report

(Presented by Sharka)

  • June Exams - children will be given more time.  After their exam, at 12:00 all children must go home or stay on campus.
  • 8th Grade Graduation – contact Sharka if you can help out.  Make sure your child has ordered their gown.   No jeans or sneakers on the day
  • 8th Grade Prom is on June 10th
  • Tuesday, May 17th is MUN Day, parents are welcome to come and watch

Academy Report

(Presented by Marion)

  • The Truman Trial is being held next week on the 16th and 17th of May.  It’s a great event make sure you come and watch!

    Broadcast here...

  • 10th Grade trip on May 18th
  • IB students busy with their exams, good luck to them!

Optimal Learning Program

(Presented by Mina)

  • The OLP Office will be contacting parents to set up meetings so as to have an end of year re-cap and assessment
  • Parents who will be needing testing or shadow teachers for next year, must contact the OLP Office

AP / IB Representatives

(Presented by Roula)

  • IB exams will be over on May 20th
  • There will be a celebration for the IB students and their families held on May 23rd organized by the IB Office
  • 11th Graders taking IB mocks in June, make sure you read the emails from the IB Office!   They contain important information
IB Rep. was absent...


U.S. Embassy

(Presented by Kirstin)

  • A day for the consulate to visit the campus so as to facilitate passport renewals, student visas etc is being organized.  No date has been set yet

Board of Trustees


Various / Other Events

2016 – 2017 PTO Board Elections were then held.   The PTO Board for the following academic year is as follows:

  • Chairperson – Casey Gripari
  • Vice Chairperson – Jennifer Ananiadis
  • Secretary – Position Vacant
  • Treasurer – Faye Caracosta
  • Academy Rep. – Position Vacant
  • Middle School Rep. – Sylvia Rogers
  • Elementary School Rep. – Natalia Dadidou
  • US Embassy Rep. – Kirstin Schlereth
  • IB/AP Rep. – Position Vacant
  • OLP Rep. – Angeliki Palios
  • Community Events Coordinator – Position Vacant
  • Social Media Coordinator – Mina Agnos
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Despina Giavridi

The floor was, in the end, turned over to Dr. Gialamas

This was the last PTO General Meeting for the 2015 - 2016 academic year.   We would like to thank you all for your help and support throughout the year at all of our events!

We hope to see you all on June 14th at the Volunteer Thank You Reception hosted by the ACS Athens Administration.


General Meeting, March 2016

Welcome / Important Dates and News

PTO Chair Pam Stamatiou welcomed all who were present, to the PTO General Meeting.

  • The PTO is continuing with its support of the Salvation Army:
    • Thank you all for your donations of clothing. They were delivered to the Salvation Army by PTO Chair Pam Stamatiou
    • For the month of March we will be collecting packaged foods/snacks, such as energy/cereal bars, cookies, crackers etc.   You may leave your donations in the bins outside the transportation office
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week: we need to provide breakfast and lunch for approx. 170 people and we rely on donations of dishes from parents. All were urged to send in food and a signup sheet was given
  • Indian Cooking class: On Friday, April 8th, at 10:00, at the home of Sangeeta in Halandri. A signup sheet was given
  • Elections for the 2016-2017 PTO Board and Nomination Forms:
    • Will take place during the May General Meeting.   There are many positions open and we urge you all to consider being part of this very rewarding experience.   Nomination forms were available at the meeting and should be submitted to Anissa at The election committee requires one member who is not currently serving on the board and Ms. Anne Marie Tsipouras volunteered.   Her email is
    • Nomination Form is also available for download here
  • The PTO school calendar for the 2016-2017 academic year will once again feature art work by our students.  The theme is GREECE and all ACS Athens students are encouraged to submit their art work. Please send in a photo of your work as a jpeg file and when sending choose the “original size” option.   Photos can be sent to Anissa at
  • The International Spring Fair will be held on Saturday, May 28th.   Please contact Pam ( ) or Casey ( ) if you would like to host a food table from your country or if you would like to participate and help out in any other way.  We encourage all students, clubs and grades to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs In Action part of the Spring Fair - Please contact Marissa at Mark your calendars and make sure you attend this fun filled and exciting day!
  • This year the PTO will be having its Annual Dinner Dance in June as a fun way to say goodbye for the summer. The date will be June 11th and the venue will be announced shortly

Elementary School Report

There was not much to report as the ES principal’s coffee had covered most issues. A parent asked if the ES was planning to hire a new Assistant Principal, and if we knew whether or not a new 2nd grade teacher was to be hired.   The ES rep said she would look into it and get back with answers.

Middle School Report

(Presented by Sharka)

Encouraged all middle school parents to help out with Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week and all middle school students to submit art for the calendar.   Sharka also recommended the book How to raise an Adult Break Free of The Over-parenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott – Haims, as a valuable tool to all of us raising teenagers.

Academy Report

Marion was absent...

Optimal Learning Program

OLP Rep. was absent...

AP / IB Representatives

IB Rep. was absent...


U.S. Embassy

Board of Trustees


Various / Other Events

  • Ms. Ginger Carlson who had requested some time in order to speak about MAP Testing
  • Mr. Steve Kakaris presented the 2016-2017 Budget

The next PTO General Meeting will be on Tuesday May 10th, at 10:00.