Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Our Mission Statement

ACS Athens is a student-centered international school, embracing American educational philosophy, principles and values.

Through excellence in teaching and diverse educational experiences, ACS Athens challenges all students to realize their unique potential: academically, intellectually, socially and ethically — to thrive as responsible global citizens.

Belief Statement

We Believe that……

  • ACS Athens is a student-centered institution in the pursuit of academic excellence, building upon each student’s unique talents and abilities
  • student learning is a shared responsibility of the student, the school and the family.
  • students learn and develop best in an environment of cooperation, belonging and trust.
  • diversity takes many forms and that respect for and acceptance of diversity is a source of richness in our community.
  • possessing a strong sense of civic responsibility and an ethic of service is fundamental to effective global citizenship.
  • education exists to promote intellectual, emotional and physical wholeness and ethical decision-making.
  • our community exists to provide opportunities for all of our students to reach their full potential.
  • learning is a life-long process.

Our Goals

Continuous Improvement

  • Evaluate and improve curriculum, instruction, professional development and institutional services. Enhance educational experiences with innovative programs.


  • Improve communication within the ACS Athens community. Enhance the public image of ACS Athens.


  • Increase enrollment through recruitment and retention, while ensuring high standards.


  • Upgrade and integrate technology to improve teaching, learning, communication and institutional operations.

School Culture

  • Promote a culture of learning, respect, responsibility, accountability, creativity, enthusiasm and continuous improvement.


  • Ensure long term financial stability of ACS Athens.


  • Provide well-maintained and optimally utilized facilities; anticipate and plan for future needs.