Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Kynigou, Penny, M.A
Fifth Grade Teacher
ACS Athens, Greece

Penny  Kynigou was raised in England. She received her BA and MA degrees in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University and then qualified as a teacher at the London University, Institute of Education.

She has been teaching at ACS since 1990 and has actively developed curriculum innovations for Early Childhood 4th and 5th grade levels. She was recently invited to present a school-wide curriculum development seminar on using blogging and a writing workshop approach to teach writing.

Ms. Kynigou represented ACS at the NESA Spring Educators Conference 2010 where she presented a workshop on the creation on the 5th grade play. She also presented at the Constructionism 2010 conference at the American University of Paris this past summer. She has been a presenter at TESOL, Athens. She has been a frequent contributor to the school Ethos Magazine.

“What keeps me alive and excited as a teacher are continual research, innovation and experimentation within my classroom, and, as I have been teaching about 25 years, I have much experience to draw upon. I have always chosen to work in Elementary because the multidisciplinary classroom gives me the opportunity to make cross curricular links and adaptations.”