Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Kalyva Dragazi, Marialena, MSc
Counseling Psychologist
Private Practice, Athens, Greece

Marialena Kalyva Dragazi completed her first postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She then moved to Athens, Greece, where she completed an MSc in Child and Family Counseling. She has worked as a trauma counselor for the South African Police Department and at a pre-school in programmes dealing with terminal illness, child trauma, family related problems and special needs. Since moving to Greece in 1999, she has taught at the International School of Athens and at the American Community Schools of Athens. She works as a counselor and public speaker for the publishing company Hillside Press; for which she delivers talks to educators in both the private and state sector and takes part in a variety of projects ranging from programs encouraging women’s professional advancement in the workplace to projects aiding underprivileged children. Ms Kalyva is a licensed Psychologist who has been in private practice since 2001 and conducts family, couples and individual psychotherapy.