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Junior Kindergarteners Draw and Color Under-the-Sea animals

JK has been learning about Under-the-Sea animals. As an art project, students drew various sea animals (jellyfish, crabs, octopus, turtle, fish, starfish) in pastels and painted on top with blue paint. The objective of  this project was learning names of sea creatures and reviewing shapes and colors.

Alexandros Gatzolis Samios             Savana Wanex                        Nirupam Kain                   Nikephoros Gontzes


Junior Kindergarteners make 3D Flowers

For JK's 3D Flower Project, the objective was for the students to practice their fine motor skills, such as tracing, painting, and cutting. Students also had to crumble up paper to stuff inside their flowers.

           Dimitris Manioudakis           Markos Mavroleon and Giorgos Tselentis            Danae Panera    


Junior Kindergarteners tell us how they feel

“Today I feel……” is a project the Junior Kindergarterners created using various artistic mediums. Discussing our feelings before hand, and also using our classroom “feelings cube”, students expressed how they felt during circle time. The skills they worked on were tracing and painting inside a circle, gluing the “googly” eyes and button nose, as well as cutting and gluing the crepe paper hair.

Dimitris Charalampopoulos
Yuli Saban

Junior Kindergarteners make a Tree of Friends

Junior Kindergarteners discussed what friends are and made a tree of friends representing who they see as friends in their classrooms. They drew five friends faces and identified each child as a friend! Let’s keep building a strong and caring community!

Philipos Arfanis  shows us his friends         Alexandros Michas shows us his friends
Kostis, Danae, Aris, Nikos and Marianna    Avra, Dimitris, Alexandros, Markos and Antonis



Junior Kindergarteners get ready for Fall

Gettying ready for Fall, learning about fall colors and the leaves that fall off the trees,
Junior Kindergarteners painted, cut,and stuffed leaves to remind us of Fall.

Giorgos Tselentis Nirupam Kain Savana Wanex