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Programs for Adults

The Institute of Innovation and Creativity (IIC) offers a wide range of programs for adults - that also apply to students in 11th-12th grades.

These programs aim at educating and enriching students' and adults' specialized interests and help them develop creatively, have fun and meet people involved in similar activities.

Program areas include specialized Workshops in music, Greek folk dancing, Sculpture, Filmmaking, Greek language, Feldenkrais, Zumba, etc.

Note: Current classes, programs and activities are to be announced!

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 : Partnership for Student Success

The recently established program Partnership for Student Success will run this year from Fall 2014 - Spring 2015.  The initiative's goal is to address parents’ and educators’ collective interest in the well-being and development of our students.

Parents and professionals are cordially invited to join the program, consisting of a series of workshops, presentations and forums that will provide them with the opportunity to share and learn strategies to empower student learners.

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