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Learning Differences Conference 2013

Hardiman, Mariale M, EdD
Assistant Dean for Urban School Partnerships
Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Neuro Education Initiative
Johns Hopkins University School of Education, MD, USA

Mariale Hardiman currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Urban School Partnerships and Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.  Dr. Hardiman also served as interim dean of the School of Education from January to September 2010.

Joining the school’s faculty in 2006, Dr. Hardiman’s work has led to the creation of partnerships within the University and community, including STEM education, school leadership academies, and partnerships with organizations that support public health and education issues in the urban settings.

With support from the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, Hardiman collaborated with colleagues from the community and across the University to establish the Neuro-Education Initiative. Through local and national summits, research activities, and a new cross-disciplinary graduate certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching, this Initiative brings to educators relevant research from the brain sciences.  

Before joining Johns Hopkins, Hardiman served in Baltimore City Public Schools for more than 30 years. As the principal of Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, she led the school to its designation as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.  Her leadership activities included designing and participating in leadership mentoring programs for aspiring school leaders.

Hardiman presents nationally on topics related to school leadership and the intersection of research in the neuro- and cognitive sciences with effective teaching strategies, including meaningful integration of the arts. Her publications include “Connecting Brain Research with Dimensions of Learning,” Education Leadership (2001); Connecting Brain Research with Effective Teaching: the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model (Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2003); and “The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model: A Comprehensive Approach to Classroom Instruction and School Reform” in the Praeger Handbook of Learning and the Brain (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006). Recent publications include “The Arts Help School Accountability” (The Dana Foundation, 2009); “The Science of Education: Informing Teaching and Learning through the Brain Sciences” (with Martha Bridge Denckla, M.D., Cerebrum, 2009); Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts, and the Brain (with Magsamen, McKhann, & Eilber, The Dana Foundation, 2009); and Neuroethics, Neuroeducation, and Classroom Teaching (in press).

She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Loyola College, and her doctorate in education from Johns Hopkins University.