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Media on Widener University Partnership, January 2017

Widener University Agreement Signing

The global news portal "Public", recently reported on the signing of the partnership between ACS Athens, Pinewood American International School and Widener University.

The article New Agreement Creates Path For Greece-Based High School Students To Study At Widener, stresses the importance and benefits of this agreement for the schools and outlines the different elements of the partnership, briefly:

  • Graduating seniors study opportunities at Widener
  • Summer programs in leadership and engineering for high school juniors
  • Collaboration for students who come to Widener for bachelor's and master's degrees through the School of Business Administration and School of Engineering

ACS Athens & Pinewood American Int’l School Sign Historic Collaboration Agreement with Widener University

Widener University Signing Agreement

A  historic collaboration agreement was signed between three American Educational Institutions on December 14, 2016, at ACS Athens, paving the way towards innovative collaborations which will benefit the students, faculty and administrations of all three institutions.

Dr. Julie Crain, ACS Athens Academy Principal introduced the three institutions emphasizing their mutual goals to positively change the world through best-quality education of young people.

Describing Pinewood School as a little gem in Thessaloniki, its Director, Dr. Roxanne Giampapa, stated that Pinewood is heading in a direction of growth and improvement, explaining "the beautifully complimentary missions" of the three institutions.

"We share a commitment with ACS Athens and Pinewood School to personal attention and hands-on, real world learning" agreed Dr. Julie E. Wollman, President of Widener University (Chester, PA, USA), who expressed her happiness and honor to be in Greece for the signing of this collaboration.

Dr. Stefanos Gialamas, President of ACS Athens, proudly added that "ethos and kindness is at the center of our educational philosophy," praising the educators of all three institutions for inspiring their students in such powerful ways.

This collaboration lays the foundations for creating learning opportunities that make knowledge usable and transferable, preparing students to become global citizens with ethos who will make a difference.

The video from the signing of the collaboration agreement can be viewed below


Widener University Visit and Partnership Signing, Dec. 12-14, 2016

Widener Unversity

Dear ACS Athens Community:

We are very excited to welcome Widener University to our campus for a three-day visit on the week of December 11th.

ACS Athens will be receiving the leadership team of Widener University (Philadelphia, USA) to finalize an agreement between the two institutions, which will benefit our students in a variety of ways.   The President, Dr. Julie Wollman, the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Dean of the School of Engineering and the Executive Director of the Oskin Leadership will be visiting ACS Athens to finalize a program of cooperation and exchange.

Widener is entering this collaboration agreement with ACS Athens, based on their commitment to attract students from high quality international schools.

A number of scholarships for international students are available from the university and in particular will be available for ACS Athens students.

Widener University has over 45 undergraduate majors, including top ranked pre-professional programs in Medicine, Pre-Law, Engineering and Physical Therapy.

Additionally, Widener’s Oskin Leadership Institute has been well established and prepares students to be strategic leaders and responsible citizens.

On Monday the 12th, Widener will also be presenting the university and its programs to our students (information session.)

Widener University's schedule on this visit, is as follows:

Event :

  • Widener University Information Session

Date & Time :

  • Monday, December 12 at 13:30

Venue :

  • Conference Center at ACS Athens Administration building

Speakers :

  • Dr. Julie Wollman: President of Widener, and
  • Dean Joe Baker: School of Engineering

Event :

Date & Time :

  • Wednesday, December 14 at 16:00 - 17:00

Venue :

  • The Theater at ACS Athens

For more information please visit the Widener University website.

Broadcast - Partnership Signing Event Dec. 14, 2016 @16:00


ACS Athens at U.S. President Barack Obama's speech, Nov. 17, 2016

President Barack Obama at SNFCC

Dr. Stefanos Gialamas had this to say, following our school's presence yesterday, at U.S. President Barack Obama's speech at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC).

I was extremely proud for our ACS Athens 67 seniors who are incredible global citizens.

These are tomorrow's leaders with Ethos who will make, Greece, and the World a better place to live in for ALL PEOPLE.

In addition, I am honored to have such exceptional educators as my colleagues.  Accompanying the students to the SNFCC, were 23 of our educators.

ACS Athens had 90 wonderful representatives at this historic event.

Visit this photo gallery for more photos...


University of Delaware Agreement Announcement, Nov. 3, 2016

Univ. Delaware - ACS Athens Agreement signing Univ. Delaware President Dennis Assanis and ACS Athens President Stefanos Gialamas, at the signing

The University of Delaware recently announced its newly Agreement signing between the university and ACS Athens.

"We are thrilled to partner with ACS Athens to give our students the kind of hands-on, global experience that will enrich their studies at UD..."

University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis said - to which he added:

"ACS Athens is an innovative leader known for excellence in pedagogy and leveraging the latest in online learning methods.  As we continue to strengthen our partnership with ACS Athens, our students will benefit from getting to know Greece’s many contributions to history and civilization."

This is the first such agreement with a Greek institution in the University's history.

You may read the announcement in its entirety by following this link...