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Human Resources/Employment

Any new openings for the current school year will get posted throughout the year. Please forward your resume to with your letter of interest and we'll get back to you as new openings are announced. Keep posted on this page.


ACS Athens, a student-centered international school, embracing American educational philosophy, principles and values, is seeking to recruit a Nurse for the academic year 2017-2018.

The School Nurse is a certified professional who facilitates the educational process by improving and maintaining the health status of students.   The major focus of school nursing services is the early detection and correction of health problems.  The school nurse is uniquely qualified in preventive health, health assessment, and referral procedures. The nurse reports to the Dean of Student Affairs.


  1. Provide health assessments
    1. Obtains a health and developmental history
    2. Screens and evaluates findings for deficits in vision, hearing, scoliosis, growth, etc.
    3. Observes the child for development and health patterns in making a nursing assessment and nursing diagnosis.
    4. Identifies health findings, which do not fall within the normal range
    5. Assists with physical examinations when conducted in the school
  2. Develops and implements a health plan
    1. Interprets the health status of pupils to school personnel
    2. Initiates referrals to parents, school personnel and community health resources for intervention, remediation, and follow through.
    3. Provides ongoing health information to pupils, parents, school personnel and health agencies
    4. Recommends and helps to implement modifications of school programs to meet students' health needs
    5. Utilizes existing health resources to provide appropriate care of pupils
  3. Maintains, evaluates, and interprets cumulative health data to accommodate individual needs of students
  4. Participates as the health specialist on the child study team to develop the health individualized educational plan (I.E.P.)
  5. Plans and implements school health management protocols for the child with chronic health problems, including the administration of medication
  6. Develops procedures and provides for crises intervention for acute illness, injury and emotional disturbance (in conjunction with school psychologist)
  7. Promotes and assists in the control of communicable diseases through preventive immunization programs, early detection, surveillance and reporting of contagious diseases
  8. Recommends provisions for a school environment conducive to learning
  9. Provides information on health
    1. Provides health information to assist students and families in making health-related decisions
    2. Participates in health education directly and indirectly for the improvement of health by teaching persons to become more assertive health consumers and to assume greater responsibility for their own health
    3. Provides information to adolescents concerning health problems in order to encourage responsible decision-making practices
    4. Serves as a resource person to the classroom teacher and administrator in health instruction and as a member of the health curriculum development committees
  10. Coordinates school and community health activities and serves as a liaison person between the home, school, and community
  11. Acts as a resource person in promoting health careers
  12. Engages in research and evaluation of school health services to act as a change agent for school health programs and school nursing practices
  13. Assists in the formation of health policies, goals and objectives for the school unit
  14. Is responsible for maintaining and updating cumulative health records
  15. Helps develop/revise school health policies, procedures and standing orders
  16. Prepares the budget for school health supplies
  17. Reviews, revises and implements emergency policies, including in-service health and safety programs for personnel
  18. Prepares first aid kits for each building
  19. Organizes, instructs, and supervises school health volunteers or assistants
  20. Reports regularly in writing to the Dean of Student Affairs on school health activities
  21. Prepares statistical reports for the office of Student Affairs
  22. Implements the school medication policy and procedure
  23. Encourages parents to maintain current immunization protection as recommended by the Department of Health
  24. Participates in student registration
  25. Serves as a resource person to school personnel. Participates selectively in classroom instruction under the supervision of the teacher

Further Recommendations

  • Remain abreast of health issues and prevention/intervention options as dictated by the Department of Health
  • Read the Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook, Physical Education Handbook
  • Get to know the key people: administration, faculty, the guidance and physical education personnel, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers
  • Meet with the teachers to acquaint them with the health program, health services offered and classroom emergency procedures for first aid.
  • Set up first aid kits for the various areas of your schools (in conjunction with the Athletic Director)
  • Set up a daily log to list those students who visit the nurse's office, or need special attention
  • Review students' health records and inform school personnel of special health problems, possible school safety hazards.  This is an excellent time to have handouts ready for the faculty in such areas as epilepsy, diabetes, etc.
  • Plan to attend as many faculty meetings as possible. This helps identify the school nurse as a member of the staff.
  • Keep lines of communication open between nurse and teachers, nurse and administration, nurse and parents, and nurse and guidance department
  • Participate in the preparation of the school health services budget
  • Develop full year plan for scheduled health activities including accommodated mandated reporting.
  • Prepare reports monthly/yearly.  It is extremely important to document school nursing activities.  This documentation provides both the Dean of Student Affairs and President with
  • information to support the need for school nursing. A yearly report should summarize data in the monthly reports


  1. Possession of a current license / certification to practice professional nursing
  2. Three years experience as a professional nurse
  3. A baccalaureate degree or an equivalent degree.   The degree can be in nursing or a related field

Application Procedure

To be considered for this vacancy, please reference job title and your last name in the subject line
(e.g. RE: NURSE_SMITH), and submit in

  1. Cover letter, which should include a statement of your professional philosophy;
  2. Resume, which should contain valid license / certification information, and
  3. The contact information for three professional references;

Submit the above required information to:
Human Resources at

Application deadline:  February 17, 2017

Incomplete submissions or candidate profiles that do not meet the person and job specifications will not be considered.