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Dean's Corner

Dear ACS Athens parents,

Allow me to welcome you once again to what I am certain will be an exciting year at ACS Athens.  The staff in the department of Student Affairs (PK-12) is dedicated to creating and supporting an optimal school environment where students can flourish in their uniqueness.  Whether it involves planning for academic success through Advisory, Individual Counseling, College Guidance or helping students maintain a balance between mind and body through a variety of interest groups and activities or identifying student’s unique strengths and facilitating growth through the Optimal Learning and Mentorship programs, or aiding students’ social/emotional growth and coping abilities through the Wellness Center, there is a strong commitment to the ACS Athens philosophy of Holistic, Meaningful and Harmonious Education; learning that takes place not only within the classroom but also through activities, community service and the variety of projects that students have the opportunity to involve themselves in.

The Student Affairs team works diligently to provide a place of belonging, trust and care… a home away from home, for students. Experienced staff skillfully bridge the past, present and future to guide students to make wise choices, reach goals, and progress through each grade level while maintaining a balance academically, socially and emotionally. Counselors, OL specialists, interest group advisors and staff are liaisons between parents, teachers and students and all strive to achieve short and long term goals. We make every effort to smooth over stumbling blocks and to create paths that will lead students to enter the best-fit university of their future objectives.

The Student Affairs Department is also the center of student life where youth have the opportunity to explore and develop their talents and abilities and to take on leadership roles through sports, music, the arts, student government and community service.  The services provided offer great opportunities for the fine-tuning that is necessary in order for students to go out into the world and live, thrive and compete against the best.

The staff in the Department of Student Affairs is eager to share with you the varied projects and processes that take place throughout the year.  We invite you to be part of the process of assisting our students; your children, in continuing to evolve and become the very best unique individuals that they can be.  Together, we can strive to ensure optimal success in our student’s lives and in so doing; we can offer to the world our most prized gifts that will create the world of tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us and being an intricate part of our efforts.



Dr. Peggy Pelonis

Dean, Student Affairs