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Creativity Action Service (CAS)

The International Baccalaureate program enables students to fully develop not only their academic skills but also the creative, athletic and humanitarian aspects of their personality. IB Diploma CAS students are required to complete 150 hours of activities (50 hours per section) in the following 3 areas:

Creativity » : activities which develop their creative thinking (e.g. musical instrument, dance, painting, creative writing, etc)

Action » : activities which require physical exertion (e.g. being part of an athletic team, etc)

Service » : activities which enable students to offer their services and help voluntarily (e.g. tree planting, internship, projects for minorities, etc)

The American Community Schools of Athens, embracing the holistic approach to teaching, has a lifelong commitment to Civic Responsibility. Students JK-12 through their involvement in activities can become sensitive to global issues and become aware of social, political, economic and environmental concerns.

Through the Civic Responsibility program of ACS Athens the IB Diploma CAS students are prepared and knowledgeable to complete the Service area of CAS. Additionally, ACS Athens athletics is a big part of a student’s life and there are numerous activities in which students can get involved to achieve the Creativity area of CAS (see for example here » ). Below is a list of activities divided into three categories

  • Activities that ACS Athens has a lifelong commitment to
  • Various activities ACS Athens offers for each area of CAS
  • and
  • Individual opportunities IB Diploma CAS students can become involved in on their own.

ACS Athens Civic Responsibility – lifelong commitment

  1. Tree planting
    1. (sponsored by SKAI TV)  
    2. Zaharo, Ileias
  2. “Adopted” Zaharo, Ileias K-12 school
  3. KEPEP Lehenon, Home for disabled individuals
  4. ACS CARE Project – Feeding immigrants at the Soup Kitchen
  5. Five Days of Giving – all ACS students give back to the community by donating items. All contributions are offered to philanthropic organizations.
  6. Muscular Dystrophy Association – art event in an effort to raise awareness about muscular dystrophy.
  7. ACS Athens school wide recycling project (Student Recycling Committee)
  8. Friends of Animals club of Nea Philadelphia, Wag-a-thon
  1. Talent show
  2. Forensics
  3. Blue and Gold ACS Athens Magazine
  4. Mathematics and Literature Club
  5. Decoration
  6. MUN
  1. Athletics (Basketball, Football, Volleyball teams)
  2. Tree planting
  3. Organizing (transferring desks, boxes, etc) ACS Athens Bazaars and after school events
  1. Tree planting
  2. ACS Athens Bazaars and after school projects, activities
  3. Forensics (time keepers, guides, etc)
  4. Vision Aid Overseas
  5. Visits to hospitals  - Hatzipatereion

Individual Opportunities

  1. Riding stables for disabled children
  2. Archipelagos
  3. Retirement homes