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admissions - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How young should a student be to apply to your school?

We accept students as young as 3 years old by December 31st of the school year applying for.

What are the requirements for admission in the Junior Kindergarten program?

The only requirements are:

  • The student must be at least 3 years old (by December 31st) of the school year applying for, and 
  • Very importantly to be fully potty trained by the beginning of the school year.  By that we mean that the student must be able to go to the toilet by him/herself without needing any supervision by the classroom teacher/aide. 

What is the language of instruction in the classrooms?

The official and instruction language throughout the grades is American English, except of course the modern language classes (Greek, French, Spanish etc.).

Is knowledge of English a requirement for admission in your school?

ACS Athens offers English language support classes for students as early as 1st grade.  A student with zero proficiency in English may be accepted in later grades, however certain academic and performance criteria will be considered for students applying for later Elementary grades or early Middle School.

Is there a deadline for submitting an application?

There is no deadline for submitting applications as ACS Athens accepts applications on a rotating basis throughout the year.  Consideration is based on a first-come-first-served basis.

What are the main nationalities of your students?

The ACS Athens student population consists of more than 50 nationalities from around the world.  The top nationalities include students from the United States, from Greece, from Canada, from the United Kingdom, from Korea and the Middle East.

What is the required documentation for admission?

There are different admission requirements for each school (Elementary, Middle, Academy, IB).  Please visit the Admission Guide for more information.

Can I apply for admission to all grades?

Yes, if your previous school follows the American curriculum.  Otherwise, there is a minimum of three years that you have to attend ACS Athens to earn an American High School diploma (you have to apply at least for 10th grade).

Do you accept applications for the International Baccalaureate Diploma?

According to the revised admission policy of our school, students interested in earning the IB Diploma from ACS Athens must attend a minimum of three years in the school, starting from the 2010-11 academic year, especially those that are coming from a non-American, non-English speaking school. That will ensure their academic and personal success in a new environment, that focuses as much in academics as in the total school experience. Therefore it is advisable for prospective IB students to seek admission in 10th grade.

What diplomas can I get out of ACS Athens?

ACS Athens offers the American High School Diploma to all its students graduating 12th Grade. In addition, a student may pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma, by attending a 2-year IB program (11th-12th Grades).

An IB Diploma student may also pursue the Greek High School Equivalency Diploma (Ισοτιμία Ελληνικού Απολυτηρίου Λυκείου), by attending the equivalency Greek classes after school during 11th-12th grades, (Language, History, Literature). More information about this are available at the ACS Athens IB Office. Please note that those students interested in the Greek High School Equivalency must have adequate Greek language background.

However, a non-Diploma student may earn one or more IB certificates, by attending individual IB-level classes in the last two high school grades.

Is the ACS Athens Diploma equivalent to the Greek High School Diploma (Απολυτήριο Λυκείου)?

No it is not.  However, by pursuing the IB Diploma in 11th & 12th grades, a student may attend the Greek High School Equivalency after-school classes (History, Language, Literature), without participating in the Greek University Exams (Πανελλήνιες). 

Where do your graduates attend college?

ACS Athens students are admitted by an impressive number of Universities from the United States, Canada, U.K. and other international Universities around the world. Please visit the College Placement page for more information.

Can an ACS Athens graduate apply to a Greek University?

An ACS Athens students need to earn the Greek High School Equivalency (Ελληνική Ισοτιμία) in order to participate in the Greek University Exams. Although highly unusual, ACS Athens graduates have participated in the past in these exams, after one year from graduation, usually needed to take extra tutoring classes, since ACS Athens curriculum doesn't prepare students for the Greek University.

Is there a uniform?

There is no school-wide uniform in ACS Athens, except the Physical Education uniform for Middle School and Academy students, provided by the Athletics Department at the beginning of the year.

What is the difference between Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten?

Jr. Kindergarten is for children 3 and 4 years old. Kindergarten is for students 5 years old and 1st graders are 6 years old.  JK is the only class with two attendance options, the regular program 9-1 p.m. and the day care program that extends the day to 3:30 where lunch is included. 

Is there a bus service and which areas do you serve?

ACS Athens offers bus service through an independent bus company that serves most of Athens metro area with a wide network of routes.  Please contact the school's transportation office for more information.

Do I need a student visa to attend your school?

Although there is no student visa requirement for students to register to ACS Athens, every non-Greek student coming from abroad should consult the local Greek consulate for residency information. Student visa is only available to prospective university students and is not offered to primary or secondary education students. The only documentation that ACS Athens may offer is the letter of acceptance, after a valid academic application for admission is filed and is approved.

How does your class structure correspond to that from other countries?

Compared to the British 13-grade system, our 12-grade system means that a student coming from a British school must fall one grade back registering in ACS Athens.  Students from school systems with different academic year (Australia, Korea etc.) must be evaluated to either progress one year or fall back one year. Most other systems are fully compatible with the grade structure and academic year scheduling to ours.

Do you offer special learning services?  What is the purpose of the Special Services Form and who should be submitting it?

ACS Athens offers learning support to students with mild learning differences (dyslexia, ADD/ADHD etc.)  The Special Services (SpEd) Form offers valuable insight to the student's learning profile. It should be submitted by the previous school counselor or psychologist. If they are not available, the form should be signed and submitted by the homeroom teacher (Elementary students) and the principal. In case there is a diagnosis, we require that you submit complete documentation and the most recent testing/evaluation (not older than 3 years) along with the SpEd Form.

Due to the increased number of applications and the limited number of seats, ACS Athens puts certain priorities when considering an application for a student with special learning needs.  These are (in order of priority):

  1. Students that are already in ACS Athens and are diagnosed with a learning difference
  2. Siblings of existing ACS Athens students
  3. Children of ACS Athens Alumni
  4. Students who apply with their siblings to ACS Athens
  5. All other applicants

All students that apply for the Special Learning Support program (Optimal Match) must have documented diagnosis by a professional psychologist who can administer a complete psycho-educational test. 

PLEASE NOTE: In case of a fraudulent claim of non-existence of learning needs, ACS Athens reserves the right to appropriate action, that may include expulsion or probation. 

What should a student write in the personal statement, required by the application?

Along with a student application, parents must attach a signed statement in English (or Greek), describingthe particular circumstances that prompted you to choose ACS Athens. What are the specific factors of your decision? What are your expectations from the school? Please explain any frequent change of schools, abnormal grade fluctuations or family environment issues that may affect the student’s performance.  Is there any information that the Admissions Committee must take into consideration while deciding on admission of your child?

Please note that all disclosed information will be kept strictly confidential.

Is there a placement or entrance test for admission?

Students applying for Grades 6-12 must take an English placement test if they are coming from a non-English speaking school. That will determine any need for English language support classes. They must also take a math placement test, to determine their math level. These tests are part of the admission process and are given prior to admission. 

For Elementary students there is a similar evaluation that is conducted by the classroom teacher or the school counselor prior to registration.

What should a parent write in the parent statement, required by the application?

Along with a student application, parents must attach a signed statement in English (or Greek), describing the particular circumstances that prompted you to choose ACS Athens.  What are the specific factors of your decision?  What are your expectations from the school?  Please explain any frequent change of schools, abnormal grade fluctuations or family environment issues that may affect the student’s performance.  Is there any information that the Admissions Committee must take into consideration while deciding on admission of your child?

Please note that all disclosed information will be kept strictly confidential.

What is the preferred method for applying to ACS Athens?

We strongly recommend using the Online Application Form.  All other documentation can be scanned and uploaded as separate files in the Application Documents Upload Section.

Alternatively, you can use the printed version of the Application and submit the required forms and documents found here and send them via mail. Forms can also be sent via fax but original forms must also be mailed. 

Are there any nationality restrictions for new applicants?

ACS Athens is an international school with more than 50 nationalities enrolling each year. The only nationality restriction applies to Greek students (with a Greek last name) applying to grades K-6. In order to attend ACS Athens (Grades K-6), these students must apply for approval to register at ACS Athens from the Greek Education Ministry. As soon as parents are informed of their child’s acceptance into ACS Athens, they will be requested to fill and submit the Registration Approval Application Form (Αίτηση Έγκρισης Εγγραφής) (available at the office of Enrollment Management). This Form and all supporting documents must be filed prior to registration. The following supporting documents are required, as applicable:

  • Records, transcripts and/or certificates of completion of most recent school year (officially translated in Greek)
  • Notarized photocopy of student’s passport and/or official birth certificate
  • Documentation showing that student fulfills Greek Ministry of Education requirements for attending an international school (one of the cases below must apply):
  1. student has foreign or dual citizenship – Documentation: letter certifying citizenship issued by the consular office of the country of citizenship (in Greek) or copy of passport officially translated into Greek.
  2. at least one parent has foreign citizenship – Documentation: letter certifying citizenship issued by the consular office of the country of citizenship (in Greek) or copy of passport officially translated into Greek.
  3. student has a brother or sister already attending ACS Athens, or a parent employed at ACS Athens. Documentation: Letter from ACS Athens certifying the above.
  4. at least one parent is a Greek diplomat or works in an international organization or business with international scope of work or products – Documentation: official letter by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the organization as described above.
  5. student has studied in international schools abroad or in Greece for at least one year – Documentation: Official or notarized documentation (certificates of studies and/or transcripts) translated into Greek.
  6. student will travel abroad within the next three years and will need to attend an international school while abroad. Documentation: Letter from parents certifying the above.

For more information or clarifications please contact the office of Enrollment Management at +30 (210) 6393200 x263 or x251.

Other than Greek students, no other nationality restriction applies.

Do you have dormitories?

ACS Athens does not currently offer residence services for its students.