IB Prep Course: Math AA and AI - For Students Entering Year 1 IB 

Credit gained: no credit



Course description

Coming in the Summer of 2023

For Students Entering Year 1 and Year 2 IB

The IB Prep Math Virtual course will focus on preparing students for the IB curriculum. The students will be exposed to the IB Mathematics Program and they will familiarize themselves with its expectations; the different terminology, levels, papers and the Internal Assessment requirements. They will also get a first glimpse of the extended essay in Group 5 which is an independent, self-directed piece of research.

The course will run for three weeks and the students will be investigating two major components of the syllabus: Statistics and Functions & Modeling. 

Course Requirements: All students must have access to a Graphic Display Calculator throughout the course. 

For further information and/or questions contact stamatia@acs.gr and katsiyiannim@acs.gr.

Course Start/End Date:

  • June 26th to July 16th / Course duration 3 weeks

Cost: 300 Euros

Minimum Enrollment: 5 Students

If enrollment in a course fails to reach the minimum number of participants required for the class to run, the class will be cancelled and tuition will be reimbursed.