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ACS Athens Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a permanent, policy leadership body involved with strategic planning, advocacy and oversight of the school.

The Board’s Principles of Good Practice include:

  • The Board is the guardian of the school’s mission and holds the school in trust for future generations
  • The Board’s primary goal is to ensure that ACS Athens meets the needs of its students and families through its dedication to academic excellence, while at the same time remaining a student-centered institution
  • The Board reviews and maintains appropriate bylaws that conform to legal requirements
  • The Board assures that the school and the Board operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • The Board accepts accountability for both the financial stability and the financial future of the school; it approves the annual budget, tuition, salary and benefits, the master campus development plan and other major policy decisions
  • The Board selects, supports, nurtures, evaluates, defines the scope of duties and sets appropriate compensation for the school President
  • The Board focuses on long-range strategic planning and sets annual goals related to the plan. It conducts annual written evaluations for the school, the school President and the Board itself
  • The Board keeps accurate records of its meetings
  • Board composition reflects the strategic expertise, resources and perspectives needed to achieve the school’s mission
  • As leader of the school community, the Board maintains good relations with school constituents, as well as the broader community and enhances the public standing of ACS
  • The Board raises funds through various initiatives, in order to ensure that ACS has adequate resources with which to fulfill its mission