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The Wellness Center

Wellness impacts the daily decisions, and choices that people make about their intellectual, emotional, social and physical health.  The Wellness Center is one of the school’s efforts to support this statement.  It strives to provide a service which assists students to make satisfactory adjustments and to experience significant achievement and general well-being.

The main purpose of this Center is to engage the students, first and the community at large, second with practices that will promote individual wellness and consequently spread group wellness including all constituencies of our school.

The development of the Wellness Center as a student service is based on the recognition that education, prevention and positive thinking kindles well-being within and without the perimeter of a school.  It is a service that creates a framework for structure from which we can build a different kind of school environment that accentuates holistic educational ideas.


Built on the premise that an excellent education provides for the whole person Holistic, Meaningful, and Harmonious Education, which is an important part of Dr. Stefanos Gialamas’ vision for the future of our institution, Grades 1-5 meets the needs of new students through the Owl Buddy Program and grades 6-12 with the Salutation Program. To add to this two Academy students have recently created a Survival Kit for incoming 9th graders, which includes significant information for beginning Academy students.  Equally important has been the new Freshman Connection Program which has set aside a day when 9th grade students connect and bond through various activities.


The Student Life and Wellness Center urges students to participate in Interest Groups / Activities that encourage involvement in the ACS Athens Community as well as promoting academic, social and other skills leading to a greater maturity and personal development.

Seminars have been prepared on Stress Management to meet the developmental needs that our students experience around student responsibilities. The Wellness Center addresses critical issues through the Child Study Team weekly meetings led by the administrators with referrals from teachers, students and parents.   Wellness activities (see for example Wellness Month and photos), are dedicated to such topics as nutrition, sports, personal development, physical and emotional safety, resolution, inner strength, and purpose of life.  A Directory of local services has been devised and maintained in order to provide all members with professionals who may provide essential advice for individuals on developmental and social issues.