IBDP Prep Course: Scientific Writing and Data Processing – For Students Entering Year 1 and Year 2 IB

Preparation to enter the IB program with a focus on Group 4 Experimental Sciences requires that students possess good practical and data analysis skills, which will help them succeed in their Internal Assessments and Extended Essays in these courses. Training students in the fundamental Scientific Method and perfecting it by applying each component of it from thinking of an Experiment to conducting an Experiment to writing and presenting the Results of an Experiment is what this online course will try to teach prospective IB students or existing IB Year 1 students transitioning to Year 2. All aspects of a scientific investigation will be considered starting from how to brainstorm, research and formulate a valid, focused and coherent Research Question, design an appropriate Methodology to obtain sufficient measurable Results data, collect Results data, analyze them and finally discuss and evaluate them in the context of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Systems and Societies. Students will work in synchronous and asynchronous virtual sessions, both individually and in groups, with real problem-based topics in all Sciences. Examples of data presentation in Tables and Graphs with necessary conventions will be addressed, including simple data analysis which is required at the level of the IB Science courses. 

For further information and/or questions, contact Dr Ioannis Kerkines (kerkinesi@acs.gr) or Spyros Arsenikos (arsenikoss@acs.gr)