From Middle School OLP teacher

"I was excited to be back. It was really refreshing to see students and colleagues face to face. 

Both of my lessons went amazingly well. It was really nice to see that I was able to spend an equal amount of time with both groups of students at school and at home! 

Our students followed all the hygiene rules with minimal prompting. Proud of them!"

From Middle School Principal

"As ACS Athens reopens, it is wonderful to welcome back our Middle School students this week!

While there are noticeable changes due to the safety measures and social distancing while on campus, one thing remains the same; seeing the joy our students express at reconnecting in person with friends and teachers in their school community.

Welcome back to ACS Athens!"

Melissa George, Middle School Principal

From Elementary School Parent

"Dear Ms. Evi, we also wanted to say how much we appreciate everything you've done throughout the year, but especially with online learning. 

Both us and our daughter are extraordinarily lucky. And as teachers ourselves, we are blown away by everything you have been doing. 

It has made a huge difference for the good! As we said, the BBB sessions in particular always leave her in a very positive state of mind. 

The wonderful, moving email you sent in response to her letter, will have meant a great deal to her. 

So again, thank you so much for everything!"

From 11th Grade Parent

"Dear Mr. Nelson, thank you for your assistance.

The best thing about ACS Athens is that teachers take every student as an individual, sharing their knowledge as well as experience, giving practical advice and support. 

The school provides an environment of academic learning and all-round growth, developing characters that will benefit the students for the rest of their lives.

As my son is going to enter his last year in ACS Athens this September, I am sure he will continue to try his best in every aspect, realizing his goals with his own efforts as well as the support from the teachers.

Best regards"

From Middle School PE Faculty

"Every day is exciting and challenging for students and teachers!

Today we kicked off 7th grade PE by playing a Kahoot game to check understanding, 

after which we turned on our cameras and had a short workout together to start the day with positive energy.

Physical Education never stops at ACS Athens!

P.S. Today my little one joined the workout :) "

From Academy Mathematics Faculty

"I wanted to share with you something that made me extremely proud of my students in Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Honors. 

All students were assigned to create a flip grid video as a continuation of their mathematical exploration for COVID-19. 

They had to work in groups of 3 and answer to COVID-19 related questions.

Then each student would, independently, comment at least two videos of his peers in the form of warm and cold feedback. 

I am sure you would be equally proud as I am, for our students' higher-order thinking, the connections they made, 

especially in the part of an exponential growth model that affected human development in a positive way and the meaningful feedback they provided similar to CLC protocol."

OLP feedback from MS parent

"I wish my mail finds you well,  I take the opportunity to introduce myself once again. I am x's mom and I would like to thank you for all your support and interest in his progress as well as for your extra time to provide modified material for him!

As a person, I always consider we have to see the bright side of everything that arises in our life. In the case of this lockdown, in combination with the BBB application, my son has really benefited. He has become far more independent with computers. He is able to handle BBB simultaneously with his teacher through Skype. He is facing easier and quicker any issue that might arise while being online and avoids pressing buttons and being impatient as in the beginning !! This is really nice to witness for our son and thank you for your patience during this unique period that we are all facing. You have been a key person of this crucial challenging times and this is really appreciated."

From German Class, Middle School

"Congratulations to all my students who are very engaged and attended this afternoon class.
We had a wonderful discussion about the pros and cons regarding Learning Online and Learning in a FtF setting. 
Students developed arguments and will further write a forum post during their asynchronous learning period. 
We developed the meaning of sharing and structuring our arguments with the help of mind mapping and in a shared Google Doc." 

From 5th Grade Parent

"Dear Ms. Moros,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. 

I’ve been meaning to write you a message for a while now to thank you for your leadership, thoughtfulness, and organization during these extremely difficult times. 

I have been bragging to anyone that will listen that ACS Athens has not only maintained academic continuity for its students, it has excelled at balancing the delicate line of virtual school and maintaining social relationships amongst students and teachers. 

As parents we realize this is not an easy task to make it all appear seamless, and for that we are truly grateful to our teachers, staff and administrators.

The workload is challenging but fair. My daughters are reading and writing daily, progressing in math, studying social studies and science, and even having fun doing activities for their special classes. 

My fifth grader has become completely independent with regard to her schoolwork, which is a major milestone that I feel necessary to acknowledge and appreciate.

In any case, I just wanted to say keep up the great work - We appreciate everything you are doing!"

From 4th Grade Parent

"Dear Ms. Evi,

First of all, we as a family would like to thank you for all the support and love you give to the kids during this time! Although X is missing you a lot (wants to hug you) still he feels so close to you because you show real interest and care and believe me he can understand that!!

You keep track of everything (every single assignment), which I assume is not so easy with so many emails from parents, and you manage to make them go on with the learning material as if you are near them.

X did not feel stressed at all during this time. You explain everything to them but also you have the right way to make them spot their mistakes or missing work which makes us all feel so secure!

So, a big THANK YOU is not enough but this is all we can say at the moment!!

Hope you rested and enjoyed your break!! We are sending you lots of love!! Stay safe!!

Wish you all the best!"