While we are physically distant because of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is important that we remain connected with each other and maintain our mental and physical health. 

Our goal at ACS Athens is to continue offering the Student Life experience and to provide the means for students to be active and engage with our clubs and activities.

We know that our students are resilient, and we support each other during this time of uncertainty to ensure that building and fostering digital communities is an extension of the work we perform daily to craft the student experience and help students reach their full potential.

 In virtual clubs, online interactions are not limited!

The Office of Student Life brings Middle School Clubs and Activities alive through virtual services using Google Sites!

Our Middle School Students will be able to interact with each other, use free online material provided by our Advisors and even try new clubs and activities as they get unlimited access to all of our programs.

In addition, Academy students have been communicating on a weekly basis with their Club Advisors via emails and different virtual platforms.

Our goal for these virtual clubs/activities is to bridge students who share a connection because of their common interests and keep our school spirit alive!

At ACS Athens, we stay together!