As ACS Athens has turned virtual, ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ leaders have found a way to interact and offer joy to the homeless.
The ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ leaders (Konstantinos Chasiotis, Alexandra Gregoriou, Raneem Ghoneim, Emma Soulanticas, Marios Srouji) with their Advisor, Ms. Pittas, have held virtual meetings and discussions planning their Spring Break connections and fundraising opportunities. As they deepened their engagement in service, they contributed 300 Easter eggs to the homeless of Athens through the PLISION Streetwork Philanthropic Organization. They are also planning to virtually interact on the night the eggs will be distributed as they understand that empathy is the strongest virtue in such uncertain times. 
It is through ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ that our leaders have added value to their high school experience while sustaining their community. At ACS Athens, we stay together!