We want to make you part of our legacy

The best seat in the house is waiting for you! *

Name a seat in the ACS Athens Theater and help us reach our fundraising goal to expand classroom space and renovate our science labs.

Show your support to the ACS Athens and take on this opportunity of becoming a part of our theater history!

Memorialize your message engraved on a metal plaque affixed to the seatback.

Be part of the ACS Athens history and leave your legacy in the rows of supporters dedicated to our values.

* Participating in the “Name-a-Seat” Initiative does not entitle you to free use of your named seats for performances

Name-a-Seat levels

Please select the donation amount below (credit card only):

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reserved seat


We, at the American Community Schools of Athens, are delighted to inform you of our “Name-a-Seat” Initiative, an exciting opportunity for you to name a seat in the school theater, where your support of ACS Athens will be acknowledged in a very special way!

How does it work?

You get to "name" your theater seat, thus becoming a “Name-a-Seat” donor.

Naming a seat entitles you to an inscribed personal message on an engraved nameplate (as shown above) affixed to the back of your chair, creating a lasting memory in your name, in the name of a loved one or a friend, in recognition of a company or organization, or to celebrate your own special occasion!

The legacy of your gift will be seen for years to come as the ACS Athens community enjoys the productions and events made possible by your support and will be associated with ACS Athens, a world-class International School for leading innovation and creativity.

Theater seats are available by section as you can see on the floor plan.

Seats are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis, and are going quickly! Name a seat now!