Mindfulness sessions are open to all ACS Athens parents and caregivers who will learn techniques on strengthening their focus and awareness, calm and relax body and mind, while understanding and regulating their emotions.

According to Patrick Karantinos, Mindfulness Instructor: "These sessions are an ideal practice to help alleviate stress and anxiety and increase efficiency and well-being".  

More than 50 people have already registered, and their feedback has been very positive, with one participant saying that the practice during the session was " Very relaxing and calming", while another expressed that this practice has helped her enjoy everyday life more deeply, as well as understand and share her emotions leading her to more balanced relationships.  

Sessions are held every Wednesday at 17:00-17:30 and are being recorded to become available to all participants - so don't worry if you miss one session!

To participate in the ACS Athens Mindfulness Sessions, simply fill out this form - you will receive an invitation to the events as well as the recordings of the previous sessions.

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