Modern Greek for Beginners 

Credit gained: 0.5 High School Credit


Course description

Learning the Greek Language is an exciting journey! This course is for beginners who have no prior knowledge of Greek. It provides a very basic acquaintance with the language, enough to allow students to communicate in daily situations. They will learn how to introduce themselves, ask and provide information, count in Greek, etc.  Along with reading and writing, students will be able to recognize the letters of the Greek alphabet, road signs, street names, Greek products, labels and any other written Greek they might come into contact with, on a daily basis. Very basic grammatical structures are taught through simple dialogues and phrases. Students are encouraged to create their own dialogues and to use their Greek outside the classroom. It will not be all Greek to you anymore!

Course Start/End Date: May 7 - July 2

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Fellow/Online Instructor: Papageorgiou, Anastasia

Cost: 300 Euros

Minimum Enrollment: 3 Students in a Course

If enrollment in a course fails to reach the minimum number of participants required for the class to run, the class will be cancelled and tuition will be reimbursed.