Summer Youth Camp 2021

We are excited to resume the ACS Athens Summer Youth Camp in 2021 and we look forward to continuing the tradition of so many years! The program, once again, includes innovative and appealing activities that are designed taking into account the participants' age, interests and needs! We aim to provide quality learning opportunities through a variety of activities and a "best-fit" environment while emphasizing on the proper instruction of the English language.

Due to the current global health circumstances, unlike previous years, this year ALL participants will have a set schedule; furthermore, participants in Kiddos, Juniors & Teens will have the opportunity to choose among different camps; the Sports Maniacs Camp, the Sports & Language Camp, the Sports & Science Camp and the Variety Pack Camp, with specific activities. Participants will be in predetermined groups in an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment, and they will remain in those groups all day.

Our staff consists of experienced educators & instructors, each in their specific areas of expertise. They are assisted by High School student volunteers and all of them promise to provide a fun but also learning experience for all participants!

Please note:

Due to the current public health circumstances and in order to provide the safest environment for all camp participants & employees, there will be a significantly reduced number of campers participating in this year's summer camp. All registrations will be handled based on a first come first served basis.

  • The 2021 ACS Athens Summer Youth Camp will operate following all necessary safety & health protocols.
  • The groups of participants will be predetermined and changes can not occur after the beginning of the program.
  • Maximum capacity is 15 participants per group.
  • Participation will be confirmed once full payment is received.

The following programs are available:

Early Childhood Program:

4-5 years old (Children entering Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten in September)

Primary Programs:

a. Lower Primary - 6 years old (Children entering 1st grade in September)

b. Upper Primary - 7 years old (Children entering 2nd grade in September)

Kiddos' Program:

8 - 9 years old (Children entering 3rd & 4th grades in September)

Juniors' Program:

10 - 11 years old (Children entering 5th & 6th grades in September)

Teens' Program:

12 - 14 years old (Children entering 7th & 8th grades in September)