History of Super Heroes

for High School students

Superman! Batman! Wonder Woman! Spider-Man! You know their names, but do you truly know their stories? What did a botched robbery have to do with the creation of Superman? What role did the lie detector test play in the creation of Wonder Woman? Why were comic books almost banned in the 1950s?

All these questions will be answered as students will be taken on a journey from the 1930s to the modern day while discussing the themes that shaped society (feminism, racism, censorship, etc.) and what role superheroes played in each. Students will analyze texts, conduct research, and develop reading and critical thinking skills. (This course fulfills 0.5 ACS Athens graduation requirement as an elective).

When: Monday to Friday / Hours: TBD

Cost: 400 euros

Minimum enrollment: 5 students. Maximum enrollment: 15 students.

Course Instructor: Mr. Frangos, ACS Athens Faculty