Parents may choose to enroll their daughter/son in the type of program that best suits their child's needs:

# of days
enrolled per week
Homework Support
Cost /semester
Math Support
2 840€ N/A
3 920€ N/A
4 1050€ N/A
2 980€ 1030€
3 1280€ N/A
4 1500€ N/A
If enrollment does not reach the minimum number of participants required, you will be notified and your tuition will be reimbursed. Rest assured that the Learning Commons will do their best to place each student in a group.

Absences: Student absences from sessions are not deductible from LEP fees.


Enrollment is based on the following:

  • Availability so that group size consists of the allowable number of students;
  • Availability of a suitable instructor.

RETURNING ENROLLEES will have priority over new enrollees and every effort will be made to maintain Semester I status quo. Enrollment will be confirmed by email once the parent has submitted the LEP Enrollment Form and it has been processed; only then will the student be considered enrolled in the program;

NEW ENROLLEES may be placed on a waiting list as every effort is made to place students. Parents will be emailed by the Coordinator once the Enrollment form has been processed and placement is complete; only then will the student be considered enrolled in the program.

  • Payment must be made before the designated deadline. Should payment not be made, LEP reserves the right to refuse the student from following the sessions;
  • If enrollment does not reach the minimum number of students required for the LEP Program to run, it will be canceled, the parents will be notified and pre-paid fees will be reimbursed;
  • If a parent has prepaid the entire session, credit will be given only if the student has not attended more than 50% of the total session;
  • It is possible to enroll throughout the session. In this case, payment will be calculated on an individual basis and payment must be made before the given deadline.