Learning & Teaching

We are planning to return to school fully on September 8th with masks required for all students, faculty and staff. When school is in session and there are no government imposed restrictions, all students will be expected to attend classes (face to face instruction), unless excused for medical reasons or reasons outlined by the relevant ministries and National Health organization. Furthermore, ACS Athens is carefully planning to maximize the use of all our learning spaces.

The Crisis Management team has carefully assessed our classrooms and all facilities to ensure adequate ventilation and spacing; all desks will be facing forward in one direction and faculty will be respecting the appropriate physical distancing parameters.

All learning will be delivered in "cohorts" (meaning classroom groups) in the Elementary school and will stay together for the full day; in the Middle School and High School most student classes will function by grade level cohorts.

Depending on current and future health conditions, and following all government directives at any given time, ACS Athens is prepared to provide instruction using hybrid as well as a fully online delivery, which will allow us to support students' learning for those who may be in quarantine.

The continuity of student learning throughout the year is of utmost importance and a primary focus for all of us.