A Holistic, Meaningful, Harmonious educational philosophy as well as leading educational practice makes ACS Athens an attractive destination for student internships. Students from higher educational institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and Greece learn about teaching, counseling, leadership sport management and educational management as they become members of the ACS Athens school community and are supervised by relevant ACS Athens experts, for a semester or a year long program. Institutions seeking internships at ACS Athens include: Wheelock College of Education (now Boston University), Winnipeg University, Stenten University, University of Delaware, The American College of Greece, Hellenic American University, New York College.

Internship Programs

Students from local and international universities have the opportunity to complete their internships at ACS Athens.  Under the supervision of the Dean of Student Affairs, the Counseling Psychologist, the Counseling Coordinator, the Educational Testing Coordinator, and the Optimal Learning Coordinator, student interns interact with ACS Athens faculty and students to aide in teaching and counseling.

This reciprocal relationship allows young interns to receive practical experience and exceptional training from well-established professionals in a leading educational environment while ACS Athens benefits from young, energetic adult students who are eager to learn more about the profession and contribute their time and knowledge to the school.  ACS Athens is happy to provide the stepping stone for university students to move into their professional careers.

The following types of Internship Programs are currently offered at our school

  • Elementary School Optimal Learning
  • Middle School Optimal Learning
  • Middle School Counseling
  • Academy Optimal Learning
  • Academy Counseling
  • Educational and Diagnostic Center
  • Wellness Center


Interns are expected to be at ACS Athens from September 20 th to June 14 th for year internships. For semester commitments, interns are expected to be on campus between September 20th to February 15th, or February 15th to June 14th.

Intership Program Fees

  • € 50 application fee
  • € 150 1st semester
  • € 200 2nd semester

Internship Programs Application

Please fill out this application in order to be considered into ACS Athens' Internship Program.