Advanced Placement Examinations - Score Statistics May 2018

Congratulations Class of 2018 for an excellent performance! The results of May 2018 are our best ever!

ACS Athens students prepare for the AP exams either through regular AP courses taught at ACS Athens or through independent study. The maximum score for AP exams is 5. Most US colleges give credit for AP scores of 4 and above.

AP scores for ACS Athens taught AP courses

Courses Average Score Number of Students
1 AP Calculus 4.2 6
2 AP Environmental Science 3 5
3 AP Spanish 4.5 2
School AP average score 3.9 13

77% of the students in AP Courses scored 4 and above

Exams written Average Score Number of Students
8 subjects 2.6 10

40% of the students scored 4 and above