March 2020 Bulletin

Coronavirus Updates

Please visit for the latest information on the school’s plan and preparedness regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and health crisis. It contains updated Corona Virus Guidelines and the measures that the school is taking to keep our students healthy. It also contains helpful links to WHO and CDC updates.

Calendar of Events - March 2020

Please note that events are often revised, so please keep posted for the latest updates.

Upcoming Events

  • The Parents Information session with Director of Finance Steve Kakaris on Wednesday March 18th was cancelled due to school closure.
  • Keep your eyes open for the new PTO Notice Board at the front of the school. All upcoming events and news will be posted here.

PTO Meetings

The March PTO general meeting and the Parents and Principals’ Coffee Meeting was cancelled due to concerns related to the corona virus. The next meeting will be in April which will also include a financial update from Director of Finance Steve Kakaris.

These meetings help parents connect with our school’s Principals, get an update on school themes and happenings and receive answers to their questions. If you would like to ask a question anonymously for the next meeting, please fill out this form.

Remember you can find the answers to your questions from all the Parents and Principal's Coffee

Meetings and the minutes of the PTO General Meetings at any time on the ACS Athens PTO website.

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Cafeteria News

You can find the monthly cafeteria information online here. Please remember that you can always choose an alternate menu for the ES menu by using the Gefsinus mobile app, (Android or iOS) but you have to do it at least 48 hours ahead of the date you want the meal changed.

Get involved

Many parents have expressed interest in the schools' Youth to Youth Program and how they can help. The PTO board has been talking to Dean of Academics Julia Tokatlidou and even attending the Saturday program in order to fully understand how our Parent Community can support the program. Please be on the lookout for an informational letter.

Past Events

  • Parents met with the President of ACS Athens Dr. Peggy Pelonis in a very well-attended and informative question-and-answer session. We look forward to the next one.
  • ACS Athens has purchased land near the Annex building and is hoping to begin construction on the expansion of the campus very soon.
  • The PTO held a very successful Valentine’s Treats and Sweets Sale on Friday, February 14th and raised money to buy new Recycling bins for the Middle and Elementary Schools. The PTO would like to thank you for your support - for our many sales and events and for your support of the Recycling Program.
  • To celebrate the beginning of Spring, the PTO held a sale of traditional red and white string bracelets. It is an old Greek tradition to tie one on your wrist during the month of March. A beautiful birds-and-blossoms display decorated the front of the school where students and parents were able to buy the bracelets and other homemade red and white items.
  • The ACS Athens PTO was very happy to contribute sewing materials to the "Love and Serve Without Boundaries" organization, for their Tailoring Project. The PTO donation included sewing items like scissors, thread, and fabric, enabling LSWB to create clothes and beautiful bags. It is because of the support of the ACS Athens parent community that the PTO is able to give back and make a commit to making a difference in people's lives in communities all over Athens.