June 2020 Bulletin

This is our last Newsletter to connect with you for this school year. Congratulations on your move from Campus to Computer, for dealing with the stresses of online schooling and for adapting to a new way of life. We would like to send out a big virtual Thank you to all of you for supporting the ACS Athens PTO throughout the year. We appreciate all your comments, emails, suggestions, help and smiles. Normally we would invite you to a coffee party to show you our appreciation but in this new reality - know that you are appreciated!

The ACS Athens PTO Connecting - Supporting - Informing, always with your help and support.

Happy Summer - hope to see you on Campus in September!

2nd Grade Exhibition projects of Learning

Ms. Venos and her class have been passionately engaged in a project to better understand and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Click here to see the live board of their Exhibition projects.

Outdoor Summer Art Exhibition at the Ancient Herod Atticus Odeion

Polina Kosmadaki, an ACS parent and Curator at the Benaki Museum is organizing the first ever contemporary art exhibition to be staged in the ancient theatre under the Acropolis. Disoriented dance / Misled planet is a site-specific installation by Greek artist Dionisis Kavallieratos, from 05/06/2020 - 03/07/2020 . This is a new partnership with the Athens Festival and because of the challenging times it is designed for outdoors and reservations are necessary

IB Virtual Art Exhibition

Check out the amazing virtual tour of the IB Visual Art Students Suami Dekker, Nefeli Naoum, Sabrina Saboya, and Tural Abdullayev All work with their own disctinctive styles and dealt with different issues exploring personal experiences, environmental concerns and social imbalance. A big congratulations for your hard work and ingenuity.

PTO Donations Drive for the Orphanage Lyreio Idryma

Donations of games, books, library furniture, clothes and shoes for boys and girls age 8-18 will be accepted until the end of June. Please make sure items are clean and put them in a box clearly marked with the name: Lyreio Idryma Orphanage. This is essential as donations must be stored until the Orphanage opens again for donations. Our warm thanks go out to everyone who has already donated; there has been a tremendous response and we are very grateful.

ACS Athens: Model for On-line Teaching

We are happy to announce that Dr.Pelonis was asked to present the ACS Athens model for on-line teaching and learning as well as the re-opening of school procedures in three different conferences attended by Heads of Schools from around the world (including Europe, the Middle East and the USA). The conferences include, The Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS), Near East South Asia Association (NESA) and the Association for International School Heads (AISH). ACS Athens, leading the way in education as an exemplary school.

PTO News

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