The main goal of the ACS Athens Inclusivity Club is to create an even more inclusive environment in ACS Athens by challenging students to make sure everyone feels safe and "seen". 

The idea is for students to have a "safe space", not to be afraid to be themselves, to speak up when someone is not being treated fairly, to feel acknowledged by others and accepted for who they are, and finally, to spread awareness on different pressing issues.

Additionally, the Club wanted to find a unique way to shed light on the issue of animal rights, as they felt that this is an issue of global significance.

With people having a wide range of beliefs on the topic, the Inclusivity Club recently organized an online discussion on animal rights.

Through this successful discussion, the aim was to have people's voices heard respectfully and engagingly. 

Overall a successful discussion, the Inclusivity Club will continue to host similar discussions every month!

Click here to watch the recording of the  Inclusivity Club's discussion on animal rights.