Sociology class students recently contemplated issues of social (in)justice, such as poverty and homelessness. 

When considering the importance of a “home” students reflected on the fact that it is not only the literal provisions a “home” provides but most importantly the intangible emotional needs that a “home” fulfills; such as a sense of belonging, security, and comfort. Students further came to realize that there really is no “profile” of a homeless person. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity can find themselves without a home; and that homelessness is a complex social problem. 

As a culminating activity to this unit, Sociology students decided to join forces with the ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ (KINONÓS) Club and aid in the Club’s initiative of a Holiday Drive for the unhoused people in the center of Athens.

The Club’s Advisor, Ms. Karnesioti, visited the Sociology class and provided further context for this initiative, answered students’ questions, and welcomed students’ donations to the cause. 

In the words of a sociology student, this was “a very fulfilling and enlightening experience".