Earlier in February, the ACS Athens Middle School students visited the Karelleio Idryma, Home for the Elderly.

This advisory visit is the first of the "Elderly Home Visits" ACS Athens 6th Grade program.

Students were provided with the opportunity to build relationships with the elderly and to build compassion as they interacted with them through drawings and play.

The visits will continue for the next four weeks and all 6th-grade advisories will participate.

How did the students feel about this visit? Here are a couple of student reflections:

“The elderly people are very kind. I liked playing and doing puzzles with them.” - Yinwenjie

“I had enjoyed the elderly home. It was peaceful and I really liked playing and communicating with them. I guess sometimes caring can be a universal language, too.” - Kai Yuet

“The elderly people were very patient and very kind. Some of them couldn't talk or understand what I was saying but it was still a pleasant experience.” - Celia