Organized by the European Commission, the European Forum on the rights of the child is an annual conference that also operates as a platform for dialogue between EU institutions and other stakeholders on the rights of the child.

Last week, participants enjoyed an online, interactive event experience under the theme of this 13th edition: 'Delivering for children: towards the European strategy on the rights of the child'.

Our very own, Elina Pippas, was one of the 60 children who participated, and among the Children's Right Team.

Since 2018, Elina has been a volunteer with Smile of the Child - a voluntary, non-profit child welfare organization based in Athens; she is always looking into ways to further connect with the community and make a change when it comes to children's rights.

"From elementary school, ACS Athens has taught me the true meaning of community. We learn the significance of giving back to people around us and impacting our community substantially.

I took these lessons and applied them to a broader context: I felt the need to give back to more people, ultimately fueling my passion for defending children's rights. It was my privilege to contribute to legislative reform that will influence millions of children in Europe."

Congratulations to Elina for setting such a good example - we are proud of you!