ACS Athens Middle School and Academy students officially started to directly contribute to improving life and living on the planet through the ACS Athens Recycling Program. The Recycling Program of ACS Athens has been designed as a service – learning activity, based on the concept of the 3 R's: Reduce – Recycle – Reuse. Through its Recycling Mechanism students are taught how to properly recycle on campus during their lunch break and they measure the amount of recyclable materials daily, in order to identify and explore ways to improve their environmental footprint. Student Volunteers participate in the ACS Athens Middle School and Academy Environmental Clubs along with their advisers in order to guide and facilitate the entire process, creating action plans along the way to engage the entire school community in recycling and improve the Recycling Mechanism, through their participation in the Eco – Schools Program.

The first week of the Recycling Program ACS Athens students recycled 50.45 kg of recyclable materials, during their lunch breaks!

Through the implementation of the Recycling Program students are prepared to embody the mission of ACS Athens: Το thrive as responsible global citizens, through improving life on the planet.