While ACS Athens has turned virtual, ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ leaders have found a way to offer joy to the homeless of Athens.

The ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ leaders, along with their advisor, Ms. Pittas, have held virtual meetings discussing and planning the holiday giving event and numerous fundraising opportunities.

As they are deepening their engagement in service, they organized a holiday pizza dinner for homeless fellow citizens in Athens.

ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ ordered 40 Domino's pizzas, which were enough to feed 150 people. The pizzas were delivered from 2 different Domino's stores to the Karaiskaki Square in Metaxourgeio, where Plision Streetwork picked them up for distribution.

Furthermore, ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ created a virtual holiday card with music and animations, wishing everyone a safe holiday season. This virtual card was shared at every stop. Click here for the video.

ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ is also planning a clothing drive event from all participants; currently over 90 ACS Athens Academy students - as they understand that empathy is the strongest virtue in such uncertain times.

It is through ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ that our leaders have added personal growth opportunities, value to their high school experience and overall life satisfaction while sustaining their community, and raising social awareness.

Having the opportunity to give back and make a difference in someone's life is a deed with immeasurable benefits.

At ACS Athens, we stay together!