ACS Athens is very excited to Kick-Off the Activities, Clubs and Interest Groups for the school year on Wednesday, September 25th, at 11:30am.

The Student Affairs office urges students to participate in Interest Groups / Activities that encourage involvement in the ACS Athens Community as well as promoting academic, social and other skills leading to a greater maturity and personal development.

This event allows Academy students to sign-up for one or more of their favorite activities and pursue their personal creative interests; many such groups result in exhibits, or works that are showcased at the end of the year.

There are over 30 Groups to choose from and sign up for, which cover topics ranging from literature, math, arts, journalism, dance, sports and the yearbook... to NHS, MUN, Forensics, Academic Competitions, Community Service, Leadership Development etc.

We encourage all Academy students to attend this event, get active and engaged in student life!

Here are this year's Groups:

  • Dance Club
  • Ping Pong Club
  • 1.50 Club
  • Duet Acting (Forensics)
  • Weight Training
  • Bottle Cap Project
  • National Honor Society
  • Group Discussion
  • MUN
  • Art Club
  • IB Visual Art Club
  • IB Student Council
  • History of Writing 
  • Drama Club 
  • Homework Club 
  • Academic Competitions Club 
  • Debate (Forensics)
  • Choir
  • HS Jazz Band
  • Oral Interpretation
  • Movie club
  • Oratory
  • Impromptu
  • History in Film 
  • Ted Ed Club
  • HS Yearbook Club
  • Media (NEWS) Club
  • 12th grade StuCo
  • 11th grade StuCo
  • 10th grade StuCo
  • 9th grade StuCo
  • Literary Arts Magazine
  • Wall Climbing 
  • Tag Football 
  • The Dungeons & Dragons