Following last week’s “2020 Ideagen® EU Global Goals Digital Summit”, an established and prestigious event initiated by George Sifakis, Ideagen® Global Chairman, Founder and CEO, it is fundamental to highlight the importance of ACS Athens presence to the summit, through the participation of its faculty and students, Ms. Christina Venos,  Elina Pipa and Lydia Pinirou.

ACS Athens faculty Christina Venos has been doing phenomenal work with her students implementing creative projects and lesson plans that involve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

ACS Athens student Elina Pipa is a rising senior who is deeply dedicated to working with children’s human rights, and Lydia Pinirou - ACS Athens Alumna and student at Royal Holloway, University of London.

We are so proud of our students and faculty for shining at the “2020 Ideagen® EU Global Goals Digital Summit” and for constantly being at the front line of UN Sustainable Development Goals and projects!

ACS Athens also wishes to thank George SifakisIdeagen® Global Chairman, Founder, and CEO and the entire Ideagen® Team for initiating and organizing the "2020 Ideagen® EU Global Goals Digital Summit".