The Academy Resilience Award is presented to select ACS Athens students from each grade level each month - so far, more than 25 ACS Athens students have already been awarded.

ACS Athens faculty is in charge of nominating the students, while the final selection for the award is made by the Principal, Vice-Principal, and faculty committee.

The Academy Resilience Award seeks to recognize students who have demonstrated the effort, growth, and character of someone who bounces back and persists, especially when things are most challenging.

"Resilience" was this year's theme, acknowledging that the qualities of resilient people are needed more than ever, especially during these unusually trying times. 

During the nominating process, ACS Athens students are selected for demonstrating outstanding resilience as defined by one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Showing confidence and the ability to focus on positive actions related to what is within your locus of control;
  • Demonstrating adaptability and optimism;
  • Supporting others’ resilience through strong relationships, leadership, or showing a sense of community;
  • Demonstrating a healthy and balanced lifestyle that supports “bouncing back” when things get tough;
  • Living with a sense of purpose and with a focus on goals that inspire self and others.

Mr. David Nelson, Academy Principal and Ms. Evelyn Pittas, Academy Vice-Principal, describe how the Academy Resilience Award has been a very inspiring process:

"It is inspiring to learn more about our students who demonstrate resilience under very challenging times. The stories of our students include those who overcome challenges of virtual learning, adjust to a new culture and school, grieve the loss of loved ones, overcome sickness or injury, or reach out to help others to help them with their challenges, among others. Keep persisting!"

Here are the latest Academy Resilience Award recipients - congratulations! 
  • Julia Blanka Szegedi
  • Pavlos Alexandros Somoglou
  • Reign Alana Burke
  • Katherine Barber
  • Kalliopi Karamanoli
  • Asimina Phoebe Kyriakousi
  • Iason Vichas Zorkadis
  • Mario Srouji
  • Utku Ercetin