ACS Athens informs its community that the decision to close the school for precautionary reasons has now been extended to two weeks (March 9-22) by the Ministry of Education due to a confirmed case. Test results for a family with a child in Pre-K that returned from Israel on the Tel-Aviv flight have come in positive. The family shows mild symptoms; however, the school has contacted all families in the grade to alert them to be vigilant and take necessary precautions (home quarantine, personal hygiene, etc.)

ACS Athens has been in constant communication with the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) and any useful and meaningful information is shared with our community at:

If visitors or members of the community believe that they are in potential risk, they are urged to read through the instructions in the link above. The definition of what close contact is: face-to-face with a confirmed case or in close contact for at least 15 minutes in the same closed area for a minimum of two hours.

Though this is a challenging time, ACS Athens urges everyone to remain calm and follow guidelines diligently.  For any questions, contact or contact the school’s Nurse’s office at 210-6070235 and leave your message, to be answered promptly.

Learning does not stop!

Learning continues via the ACS Athens Virtual online classroom Moodle® platform. Today, Monday, March 9 is a day for teachers to prepare and set up everything they need to implement virtual learning. Sessions with students will begin on Tuesday, March 10.

For updates, please keep checking our website and social media.

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