Math Olympiad Contests in the Middle School

Students in Grade 6, 7 and 8 participate in 5 Math Olympiad Contests throughout the year. These contests allow students the opportunity to think “out of the box”, to enhance their conceptual understanding, thinking strategies and visual perception in mathematics.

Math Bowl and Pi Day in the Middle School

The Math Bowl took place on March 14 this year. The Math Bowl is designed to give students of all grades and ability levels the opportunity to apply skills in mathematics. It’s a competition that gives students the drive and eagerness to complete as many activities as they can to accumulate the highest score. Approximately 72 students were divided into groups of 6. Each group consisted of all ability levels. Students had the opportunity to collaborate between themselves. They chose activities that they felt comfortable to complete successfully.

Parts 1 and 2 were composed of fun activities as well as activities that require problem solving skills and computational skills. In some cases they needed to use visual perception skills and logical reasoning.

Part 3 was composed of Pi-Day activities, posters and pi-ring chains. Students were given positive reinforcement and recognition for 1 st place.

2019 Middle School Competition Winners

Math Olympiad Trophy Winners

  • Grade 6: Ji Jingwen
  • Grade 7: J.S.
  • Grade 8: Yin Zicheng and Chenghui Zhang

Pi Digit Contest Middle School Winner

  • Grade 7: Themis Soukakou 213 digits

Grade 7 Math Bowl Winners

  • Ismini Sarantis
  • C. P.
  • I. P.
  • Olianna Dimitropoulou
  • Anna Pruess