On Monday January 17, 2022, ACS Athens celebrates the inspiring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, recognizing MLK Jr. Day. Teachers in the Academy are encouraged to conduct activities regarding this celebration. Students hear from Poet Derrick Christian reciting his poem "Reach" as a tribute to the legacy of Dr. MLK Jr.  Students engage in activities about MLK Jr quotes that resonate to them.

Student quotes and other responses will be showcased in the Academy hallway throughout this week as students reflect on service, inclusion, equality, civil rights, and nonviolent direct action. Students can also watch a special tribute to Black History Month that was created by ACS Athens Students in 2021.

In her message to the community for the MLK Jr Day, ACS Athens President Dr. Peggy Pelonis says: "Martin Luther King Jr. Day reminds us that ensuring equal rights for all is a fundamental part of education and a dream that all humanity must strive towards. Schools engaged in such activities and mindsets cultivate Conscious Responsible Global Citizens."

Find out more about MLK Jr. Day:

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