The Elementary School's Gardening Project is an exciting, hands-on educational experience that links to the current science unit of study across all grades. The project involved grade level field trips to Ktima Aristi, a farm within walking distance from ACS Athens, where a horticulturist provided our students with a tour of the gardens and described winter and summer fruits and vegetables, sharing their differences and similarities, as well as the characteristics of different kinds of plants and trees.

The visits to the farm were followed by hands-on planting activities where students planted seeds in our new ACS Gardening Beds. Students have enjoyed being involved in nature-related activities and explored their curiosities: "Why plants need water and sunlight to grow, or how long it will take for them to grow."

As the year comes to an end, students will monitor and observe the progress of their growing plants and vegetables and celebrate the results of their work by collecting the produce of their gardens; zucchini, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, parsley, and basil, and more!