UN Day is a global event observed annually and celebrated every year on October 24th, the day that the UN came officially into being. Celebrating UN Day is a traditional event in the Middle School, which in accordance with our mission statement, allows our students to thrive as conscious global citizens and improve life and living on the planet. 

This year’s theme was "Nourishing Peace," and the event was celebrated on November 16 in the ACS Athens theater.

The event tied in perfectly with the ACS Athens President’s recent visit to the UN, as it was an excellent opportunity for Dr. Pelonis to explain to the students what she discussed at the UN.

“I went to the UN and told them what we are all doing here at ACS Athens to improve life and living on the planet by being conscious citizens. I told them that young people have the answers we seek but that they need us to support them. We’re all in this together; we are all an important part of this puzzle. And that’s what Conscious Citizenship is about”.

Other distinguished guests that joined the discussion on “Nourishing Peace” were Dr. Sotiris Bantas, Founder & CEO of Centaur Analytics, and Mr. Vassilis Michailidis, the Development & Community Building Manager at the Home Project.

As Ms. Vicky Akrivou told the students, “It’s important for you to know that the world is taking steps to make this world a better place.”

The event was coordinated by Middle School UN Day Coordinators Ms. Vicky Akrivou  & Ms. Christina Bakoyannis.