The "Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to stimulating enthusiasm, fostering creativity, and strengthening intuition in mathematical problem-solving.

Each year, MOEMS holds monthly contests from November through March at schools around the world.

At ACS Athens, the Mathematical Olympiad Program consists of 5 contests throughout the year in which all ACS Athens Elementary and Middle School students are invited to participate in.

The program questions include interesting and challenging problems which require logical and strategic mathematical thinking.

ACS Athens students are always excited and eager to work hard to answer as many questions as possible to win first place and get the trophy awarded to the highest scorer of each grade level.

This years' winners are the following:

  • Grade 4: Stavros Antypas, Ren Siyuan
  • Grade 5: Yang Funing, Konstantinos Tsokos
  • Grade 6: Dionysis Fotopoulos, Jovan Habib, Haoming Lyu
  • Grade 7: Vlasis Frysiras
  • Grade 8: Filip Kurantowicz

We are very proud of our winners - well done!

Congratulations to everyone for participating!