As "precaution is better than cure", and while we are well into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more than ever imperative for everyone to have the relevant information, to know and practice proper hygiene habits and to follow all safety and health protocols.

ACS Athens and its Crisis Management team continuously take all actions needed to provide resources and educate the entire community in regards to COVID-19 and what can be done for preventing its spread.

One of the school's initiatives included a visit by the IASO health professionals earlier this week.  The health professionals visited all Elementary School classes and provided important information to students as well as guidelines on how to properly wash hands and use masks.  All ACS Athens ES students watched and listened attentively and had the opportunity to ask questions.

Ms. Valeria Laitinen, ACS Athens Elementary School Vice Principal emphasized the significance of this visit: “We were fortunate to have representatives from IASO present to each of our homeroom classes. The IASO representatives shared hygiene tips including the proper use of masks, handwashing and hand sanitizer use, and the importance of keeping fingers out of mouths, noses and eyes. IASO presenters were happily surprised by student responses to their questions and found that ACS students have a solid understanding about socially distanced greetings, mask use and hygiene habits”.

ACS Athens extends its appreciation to IASO for making this possible - let's all stay safe!