ACS Athens proudly welcomes all faculty and staff back to school for this academic year - which will be yet another exceptional year.

The current developments of COVID 19 are forcing everyone to think beyond the familiar classroom normalcy, and most likely to create a new one for our learning community.

To help everyone familiarize themselves with the current developments and measures, and to get better prepared for the new school year, September kicks off with a detailed professional development schedule, spreading throughout this week.

A four-day professional development schedule, the agenda includes a series of presentations, workshops, and meetings, offering faculty and staff the tools to strengthen their own skills and to get ready for the new school year in a timely manner.  

All ACS Athens School Principals and the Dean of Academics welcome Faculty and Staff to this year's orientation!

"Keep smiling under your mask! I can see it in your eyes!"

- Julia Tokatlidou, Dean of Academics

"I've always believed the most enduring lessons come from the teachable moments of our students' lives. I hope they will look back at these times and think about how their agility, focus, and compassion helped everyone through"

- David Nelson, Academy School Principal

"Education during COVID 19 is like a cabaret; so many interesting components mesmerizing us"

- Julie Crain, Middle School Principal

"The simplicity of children's thinking and understanding of the world means that every day is exciting and filled with learning opportunities for both the teacher and student"

- Sophia Moros, Elementary School Principal