An international school with respect for cultural diversity, ACS Athens features students from over 60 nationalities - a significant percentage of whom are Chinese.

China and Greece are both diverse countries with extensive history and many similarities.

To honor the cultures of China and Greece, ACS Athens organized this event on November 14, celebrating both countries and enabling ACS Athens students to have a better understanding and appreciation of each other.

Students took pleasure in learning about the two different cultures through research in a variety of areas: Scientific Innovation, Honoring of Ancient Legends, Traditional Clothing, the Language of Love, the Fun of Seasonal Festivals, the Art of Calligraphy, and the Passion of Dance.

The celebration of our diversity at ACS Athens and this cultural learning experience serve to enable students to express themselves in different languages and arts and enhance their international-mindedness which will enable them to become more knowledgeable global citizens with "Ethos" in the future.